Tuesday, August 13, 2013

CS:GO Going Free-to-Play: New Crates and Skins

The long-awaited Silencer isn't the only new thing coming to CS:GO during the first year anniversary.  Valve is also implementing new crates and keys, along with weapon skins and models (and possibly player skins?).  They confirmed my Silencer prediction via twitter a few nights ago, and now "leaks" of the new crate items are coming to the surface.

What does this mean for CS:GO?  Well, with any luck, it means the game will be re-launching as a free-to-play.  Sure, a lot of hardcore players might think this is a bad thing, but it isn't.  Imagine if the competitive CS:GO scene could bring in as many players as League of Legends, or DOTA 2.  Valve's "The International 3" was a huge success.... I can't imagine how much money it would have brought in if 350,000 viewers would have also been interested in watching a CS:GO tournament on the same day / days.

If CS:GO does take the turn to free-to-play, you can expect a HUGE influx of players.  This is awesome for older players as it offers an opportunity to feed off of the noobs for a while.  It'll also make the competitive scene more interesting, and more than likely bright in a whole slew of new map makers looking for their shot at getting into the next CS:GO: Operation Payback.  A free game with an opportunity to make money?  Yeah... that will attract a load of people.

So keep your eyes on CS:GO, guys.  You might be able to play for free here in a few days.  And the new weapon skins look absolutely wonderful, so you might even get interested in that.  I'm hoping the keys can also drop in game (much like the crates will)... but I won't have too much of a problem f the cosmetics are pay-to-get only.  They have to make money somehow.



  1. Ancient,

    How does this game compare to Team Fortress 2? Their free to play model on TF2 doesn't interfere with my gaming experience. I have a fear that free to play becomes pay to win so I tend to avoid them. This may be irrational so i'd like to know more.

    1. It's more realistic and much more tactical than TF2. All of the changes are purely cosmetic (and the things you can pay for are purely cosmetic). That said, I may have overreached when I said CS:GO might go Free-to-Play. This might be ONLY to put extra funds into the competitive scenes. I played today and found a skin for the Scout Sniper Rifle within 15 minutes though. Perfectly useable without paying anything. It's extremely hard to tell as of now which direction they are going to go.